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The latest issue is:

2014, Vol. 23 Issue 1


Welcome to the new online archive of Medical Writing (MEW). MEW is the quarterly journal of the European Medical Writers Association (EMWA) and it acts as an organ for the medical writing community in Europe. The journal publishes research and opinion pieces from a wide range of expert authors on topics relevant to the practice of the medical writing profession and informs about guidelines and best practice. It aims to educate, inform and entertain medical writers. To find out more about the journal, please click here

MEW is also the perfect place to advertise your products, services, and job opportunities. Advertising rates can be found in the latest copy of MEW. Prices range from 100 euros for private individuals (half-page ad) to 1000 euros for companies (full-page ad). For more information on advertising in MEW, please contact EMWA Head Office.

MEW welcomes contributions relevant to medical or regulatory writing that educate, inform, entertain or provoke debate. Please contact the Journal Editor,, if you would like to discuss submitting an article or letter. For further information, please click here.

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